Kitchen styling tips and inspiration

Once you’ve got your dream kitchen installed, the next step will be to embellish the space with unique accessories. Here are some kitchen styling ideas to get you started!

Kitchen styling ideas
Image: A fresh and contemporary kitchen by Pinney Designs

So, you’re now the proud owner of a brand new kitchen. Congratulations! But the journey to your dream kitchen is not over yet. Now the fun can really begin with accessorising and finishing touches. In our opinion, styling your kitchen is the best part of the process because this is when your kitchen really comes into its own character.

This week, we’re looking at three different kitchen styles. First up is a rustic look with natural materials such as woods, rattan and glass. Then it’s a metropolitan mood with muted neutrals and a touch of vintage glamour. Lastly there’s a polished and contemporary vibe for those looking for more refinement.

Show off your essentials

Nkuku accessories
Image: An earthy and rustic look by Nkuku

You don’t need to wait for dinner parties to show off your tableware. Putting your everyday essentials on display adds a lived-in feel to your kitchen, and it’s a chance to give a personal touch to the space. Invest in some hand-made kitchenware for truly unique details – we love these sustainable mango wood chopping boards and recycled glassware by Nkuku.

Kitchen styling ideas
Image: Rustic Inspiration with Nkuku kitchenware, bar stool and lighting

Styling with bar stools

Metropolitan style kitchen
Image source Wayfair: Mixing fresh whites and warm woods

Maximise the use of your kitchen island by adding some bar stools to create a breakfast bar area. Make sure you check the height of your bar before ordering the bar stools for extra comfort. It’s also a great opportunity to add a touch of texture to your kitchen with warm wood or smooth leather seats. Play around with styles – choose backless for a laid-back vibe or high-backed for a more polished look.

White kitchen mood board
Image: White and Gold Inspiration with kitchenware, lighting and barstool by Nkuku, a brass tap by Zip Hydro Tap and brass cabinet handles by Buster + Punch

Styling with lighting

Kitchen styling ideas
Image: Dekton Laurent worktop

Choosing the right lighting for your kitchen can make all the difference in setting the mood you want. Pendant lighting over an island creates a focal feature and balances out the space, while temperature lighting is perfect for creating an ambiance. You can go from a relaxed family get-together to a stylish party mood with a flick of a switch.

Bold monochrome moodboard
Image: Bold Monochrome Inspiration with Nkuku bar stool, kitchenware and lighting and Buster + Punch cabinet handle

Styling with bold handles

Kitchen cabinet handles
Image: Buster + Punch handles (photo by Malcolm Menzies)

The colour you choose for your kitchen cabinets is key, since they’re often the main feature of the room. But to really add some flair to your cabinetry, be bold and choose some statement handles. It’s all in the details here – brilliant brass looks striking against deep hues and dark colours, like the Buster + Punch style below. A classic matte black will look smart and contemporary paired with lighter shades, while a combination of gold handles, muted neutrals and white marble worktops make for an elegant look (Buster + Punch above).

Kitchen cabinet handles
Image: Buster + Punch handles (photo by Ruth Maria Murphy)

Like what you see? At Kemphaus Kitchens we are a stockist for Nkuku accessories and Buster + Punch hardware, amongst other known brands. We can help you with the finishing touches to your kitchen, as well as the bigger picture. Send us your mood boards and plans to to get started on your dream kitchen.

Words by Lily Plume, Content Strategist at Kemphaus Kitchens