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Struggling to find a builder to renovate your kitchen? We can recommend accredited building companies to make the whole process easier for you.

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We work with several trusted building companies to fit your dream kitchen.

So, after months of planning you’re finally ready to start the process of renovating your kitchen. But there’s just one problem – you can’t find a team of builders to do the job. Well, you’re not the only one. As the country spent the best part of last year housebound, we’ve seen an unprecedented surge in home improvement projects. Homeowners everywhere have started ripping out their run-down kitchens and bathrooms, knocking down walls and starting from scratch. And now, it seems like there’s not enough builders to go around.

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Finding available builders can be difficult in these times – that’s why we work with several teams on an ongoing basis.

A recent survey by the Federation of Master Builders shows that 42% of building firms can’t find bricklayers and 37% can’t find carpenters. Add to that a nation-wide shortage of building materials after lockdowns and Brexit, and the kitchen renovation you were so excited to start seems like a distant dream. Don’t lose hope though – it is still possible to find reliable building teams in these strange times.

At what point in the kitchen remodelling process do you need to hire a building team?

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You need to start looking for a reliable building team before you get planning permission on your kitchen renovation.

The first thing you need to do is to have an architect come to your home to draw up some plans. The architect will then submit the drawings to your town council, who typically take around 4-6 weeks to approve the plans. This is when you need to start looking for a building team and a quote, before you get planning permission. That way, when you get the go ahead from the council, you already have your builders signed onto the job and you’re ready to start the process as soon as possible.

Where do you find a builder for your kitchen renovation?

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Look out for home construction works in your town to see which building companies are operating in your area.

You don’t want to hire any old builder that you find online. You want to make sure you choose a team that will do the job well, in a safe and efficient manner, with an attention to detail and be able to finish the job to a high quality.

That’s why it’s always best to work with a team that has been recommended by a friend or neighbour who has recently done work on their home. Even better is if you’ve seen the team’s work in person. If you like what you see (and what you hear from their previous clients), then you can be sure that it’s the right team for your home.

Rest assured with accredited builders at Kemphaus Kitchens

When you choose to appoint us for your kitchen project, you can forget about searching for hours on end for reliable tradesmen. We work with several teams of accredited building companies who can get the job done efficiently, safely and most importantly, to your standards.

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We work with trusted and accredited building teams for all our kitchen projects in Hertfordshire, Essex and Cambridge.

Want to see if their work meets your standards? Have a look through our recent projects and get in touch if you like what you see.