How to choose the best worktop for your kitchen

Deciding which worktop to go for in your new kitchen? Here’s our guide to help you make the right decision for your kitchen worktops.

Kitchen with white quartz worktop by Kemphaus Kitchens
Image: Kemphaus Kitchens customer kitchen with white quartz worktop

Which kitchen worktops are best?

Right now, there’s a huge variety of kitchen worktops available to choose from. From classic quartz and granite to smooth marble and warm wood – the choice can be overwhelming. You’ve also got to think about the texture, colour, thickness and material that cater to your kitchen needs and unique style. This is where you’ll be chopping and cooking, sitting and sometimes eating too, so it’s important to get your choice of worktop right.

You’ll want to make sure the surface suits you and your cooking habits. For example, if you use a lot of spices in your cooking then you’ll be needing a stain-resistant worktop to keep things looking clean. Or maybe you want to do away with chopping boards altogether and have a surface that you can do some serious chopping on without worrying about scratches. Whatever your kitchen style and specific needs, there’s a worktop for you. The first step is deciding which material to use.

What is the best material for kitchen worktops? 

Before choosing the colour and texture of your surface, it’s important to understand what kitchen worktops are made of. With such a wide range of high-quality worktop surfaces available today, most materials are going to have some level of heat, scratch and stain resistance. But there are some surfaces that really stand above the rest. Read on to discover three superior kitchen worktops that are highly functional, stylish and will stand the test of time. 

Quartz worktops

Quartz worktops
Image: Quartz worktop in Excava by Caesarstone

There’s a reason why this hard, crystalline mineral is always a popular choice for kitchen worktops. Firstly, it is the second most abundant mineral on the planet, meaning there’s a wide variety of colours and styles. Secondly, the hardness of the material makes it highly resistant to everyday wear and tear. The high scratch-resistance means heavy objects like trays and pots won’t damage the surface, while the low liquid absorption gives it a high stain resistance to liquids like coffee, wine and lemon juice. Although quartz worktops are low maintenance, you should still take care with wiping away spillages straight away. You should definitely not use bleach to clean the surface either. For stubborn stains, an abrasive product like Cif will work fine. Soap and water or a mild detergent should do the trick too.

At Kemphaus Kitchens, we supply quartz worktops by Cosentino and Caesarstone. Both surfaces come with a 25 year warranty and high stain and scratch resistance. You can choose a jumbo size format in some colours, meaning large surfaces like islands can be created from the same slab of quartz with minimum joints. This gives your kitchen a totally seamless look. Caesarstone quartz comes in a wide range of styles, colours and textures to mirror the patterns of natural materials. Silestone quartz by Cosentino has over 60 colour options in three different textures. There’s Suede for a flat, non-rugged feel or Polished for a smooth feel and consistent, intense colour. Volcano has a rustic look that’s a little rough to the touch but still smooth in appearance.

Dekton worktops by Cosentino

Kemphaus Kitchens in Bishop's Stortford
Image: Kemphaus Kitchens customer kitchen with Dekton Trilium by Cosentino

Another material that is becoming more and more popular for use on kitchen worktops is Dekton by Cosentino. Dekton countertops are made of a mixture of more than 20 minerals extracted from nature, including glass, porcelain and quartz. Dekton is made by a sophisticated technological process that emulates and accelerates the changes that natural stone undergoes over thousands of years. The result is a highly resistant, durable and ultra-compact surface. The designs reflect organic processes like oxidation and the natural maturing of stone.

You might be wondering, is Dekton better than quartz? While both materials have high resistance to scratches and stains, the resistance of Dekton is a level above the rest. It’s so scratch-proof and stain-resistant that you can actually chop up food straight on top of the surface – there’s no need for a chopping board. Dekton is also extremely resistant to high temperatures, so you can place hot pans straight from the hob and onto the worktop with no risk of damage to the surface at all. With almost zero porosity it also has a low liquid absorption rate, as well as being fingerprint-proof. A simple wipe with a cloth will remove stains easily.

We supply Dekton in a range of colours and textures, with beautiful natural veins and patterns to give a totally unique look. For an extra seamless look, the large format option means you can use one slab with fewer cuts and joints. The ultra-thin Dekton Slim surface comes in 4mm thickness, ideal for kitchen walls, splashbacks and cupboards. All Dekton surfaces come with a 25 year guarantee for peace of mind.

Sensa Granite worktops by Cosentino

Sensa Granite worktop
Image: Sensa Granite splashback by Cosentino

If you use a lot of spices in your cooking, then we’d usually advise you to stay away from natural stone as it’s porous and stains easily. But the Sensa Granite worktops by Cosentino are treated with an invisible, long-lasting protective covering that chemically incorporates itself into the granite while still letting it breathe. This prevents any liquids from penetrating the material and the colour from fading, prolonging the life of the worktop. It also has excellent stain resistance, and there’s no special maintenance required thanks to the protective covering.

The style of this worktop is very unique. The solid granite is cut straight from the mountains of Brazil and India, so each slab is different with unique imperfections and natural veining. This gives all the surfaces a subtle exotic touch that will look elegant in any kitchen. Here’s an earlier blog post for more information about our Cosentino work surfaces.

How do you choose the worktop colour for your kitchen?

Dekton worktop
Image: Dekton Laurent worktop by Cosentino

Once you’ve decided on your kitchen design, door colour and appliances, you should have a good idea of what colour worktop will complete the look. In terms of colour ways, you want to create a nice balance. For example, if you’re going for Shaker style doors in a dark blue or green, a lighter shade would work well for the worktop, such as a white veiny quartz. Alternatively, pairing light wood units with a matte white quartz creates a fresh feel with hints of Scandinavian style.

Don’t be afraid to mix up textures! For more of a dramatic modern look, go for dark textured kitchens units in either concrete or wood effect paired with a contrasting textured worktop. This Dekton Laurent worktop by Cosentino looks stunning with the slatted wood wall units (above). Kitchen worktops with matching splashbacks add some extra wow-factor, and can also save you money in the process if you use cut-offs from your worktop for the splashback. For more advice on choosing colours for your kitchen, check out our earlier blog post here.

Cosentino kitchen worktop
Image: Shaker style kitchen with quartz worktop by Cosentino

What height should kitchen worktops be?

Generally, kitchen worktops will be set around 900mm high to allow for comfortable cooking prep whilst standing, and also leaving enough room for bar stools underneath. However, the best way to get a perfect height is to take custom measurements. We use our ergonometer to measure where your elbows should be in relation to the worktop surface, providing the right height for you to work from or sit at.

At Kemphaus Kitchens we offer a superior range of high-quality and highly-resistant kitchen worktops that are made to last. From Cosentino’s natural stone surfaces and ultra-compact Dekton worktops to Caesarstone’s classic quartz countertops, we’ll have the perfect worktop to suit your kitchen, whatever your style and specific needs. Give us a call today on 01279 758777 or email us at to find out more about our range of worktops.