Here’s 2 reasons why installing a German kitchen is your next best decision

If your kitchen is looking rather tired and tatty from overuse during the recent lockdown, talk to us at Kemphaus Kitchens. We can design, supply and install your new kitchen using our quality German cabinets by Kuhlmann kitchens.

Kuhlmann kitchens Kemphaus Kitchens Bishop’s Stortford
Kuhlmann kitchens, Kemphaus Kitchens, Bishop’s Stortford

When the world shutdown in late March, our homes became our office, restaurant & bar, fitness studio, and classroom. Our kitchens especially became more than just somewhere to cook and eat. We used them to bake bread (if you managed to get hold of flour and yeast that is!) make breakfast, lunch and dinner, host Zoom parties and, to add to the mess, your table may have been covered in school books ready for lessons after a Joe Wicks 9 am workout with your kids…

Choose the right appliances

You’re probably wishing you had a bigger kitchen right now, or at least one that’s better designed to suit your space and ever-changing needs. Perhaps you now realise your kitchen needs a Quooker hot tap, which is so much quicker and more efficient than using that trusty kettle, plus it leaves you more workspace to prepare foods. Maybe you have found after your newfound love of cooking and baking that your whole kitchen needs completely re-designing and replacing with a quality German kitchen by Kuhlmann kitchens

We can help you choose your dream kitchen with appliances that adapt to your style of cooking. Take the Bora downdraft hob, a cutting edge ceramic hob – quiet, easy to clean, and perfect on a kitchen island setting because the air can be recirculated, so no need for ducting, and you don’t have to buy a separate extractor hood! Find out which one will suit you when choosing your new kitchen design…

Bora downdraft hobs, Kemphaus Kitchens, Bishop’s Stortford
Bora downdraft hobs, Kemphaus Kitchens, Bishop’s Stortford

What about worktops?

There’s so much choice these days. We find most people opt for a quality Quartz as it’s hard-wearing and easy to clean. Caesarstone have some beautiful colours and textures to choose from, but Dekton is becoming more popular. With its’ industrial style colours, Dekton is an ultra-compact surface which is extremely heat and scratch-resistant. Kuhlmann kitchens also offer quality laminate surfaces that won’t make such a dent in your budget, and their wood and concrete effects are very authentic looking and will add warmth and texture to your kitchen. Granite is still an option, but as it’s a natural stone, it varies in appearance, and it’s always advisable to choose your slabs before installing. Granite is pourous, but our Sensa Granite by Cosentino is coated so that no liquids permeate or stain.

Dekton Trilium, Kemphaus Kitchens, Bishop’s Stortford
Dekton Trilium, Kemphaus Kitchens, Bishop’s Stortford

At Kemphaus Kitchens we offer more individual kitchen service, supplying Kuhlmann kitchens in all colours and finishes – from traditional Shaker kitchens to modern and contemporary kitchens, and we cover the whole of the South East, mainly around Hertfordshire and Essex.

Call us on today on 01279 758777 to discuss your dream kitchen project.

Liane Kemp

Kemphaus Kitchens, Bishop’s Stortford

Liane has been a director of Kemphaus Kitchens since its’ inception and has 30 years’ experience in interior design, property development and PR & Marketing.
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